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  • cherifalimat

    Hi David,
    I ask your help for a problem.
    I want to make a dynamic list of links. Under a computed text control (html format), i have this code :

    var aHtml=”<ul>”;
    var result = @Unique(getComponent(“books”).getValue ());
    for (i=0; i<result.length; i++) {
    aHtml+=”<li><a href=”#” onclick=”viewScope.dossier='”+result[i]+”'”>”+result[i]+”</li>”
    return aHtml + “</ul>”

    In the browser i have this error : “viewScope is undefined”.
    What is wrong ?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Terry

    David –

    Thanks SO much for your video series.

    One item I’ve been unable to locate is the “IBM Profiles application” you mention.

    Would you mind posting a URL to the actual code?

    Thanks again

    – Terry Trewitt

  • David Leedy
  • Kathy Staples

    Hi David, I work for IBM as a Channels technical sales persons. I am delivering a presentation to our Lotus Partners here in ANZ for our first techie tuesday lunch event and I was going to give them an overview of xPages. I came across your fantastic video recording “introduction to xPages” and I thought this would be a great way format for explaining what and how to use it, then I would point them to all your other fabulous topics. What I was wondering, would you mind if I used some of your material to do this? and if yes, would you be able to provide me with some soft copies of your slides etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kathy Staples

  • Terry Boyd

    Hi David,

    Like others who have posted here, I’d like to thank you for all the work you have done producing your video series. Keep up the great work!

    I was reading your post regarding your Speedgeeking session at Lotusphere this year. I wasn’t able to make the journey over to the States this year, and feel like I missed a great conference!I am responsible for organising the entertainment and activities associated with our upcoming AusLUG conference here in Sydney later this year, and I’ll be introducing our first Speedgeeking event at that time.Can you tell me how your sessions went?Were they well received?Can you list some of the other Speedgeeking sessions that you thought were a hit?Can you tell me anything else about the Speedgeeking event that really caught your eye and, in your opinion, made for success?Sorry for all the questions, but I am just trying to ensure we present the most interesting subject matter and put on a great show here in Australia.Thanks very much in advance for any/all information you may be able to provide.Cheers!Terry.

  • Sparkle

    My name is Scott M and I am a contractor at IBM(boulder,co).  I have had little coursework available to me in regards to Notes, as I am a lulled contractor.  My goal is to become a better LN guru than you and I will use that knowledge coupled with a BS in Accounting to work as an Investigative Fraud detector ( if you will)… to bust crooked J.Schillings o our country.

    I’m looking, currently, for any person with greater skills in LN any build, than I, to give me some study materials. LN help is hard to find.

  • http://notesin9.com David Leedy

    I believe that IBM has a site license to the TLCC.com courseware. I could be wrong as I’m NOT an IBM employee. I suggest you check into that as those courses are excellent.

  • JJTB Somhorst

    Hi David,

    thanks for this wonderfull resource! I wonder about the terms of use of your movies. Is hotlinking allowed?

  • Bill Fox

    Just watched your intro to the Extension Library and it was great – really appreciate your presentation. Been a N/D developer for a lot of years but now need to get into XPages. Some things that are so simple in N/D seem way to hard in XPAges. Here is what I am trying to do. I am using the Name Picker control and need to pick multiple names from the server NAB and return them to a MV Edit box. I need to make sure that the user is picking only from the Public Address Books, thought the all-public properties would do that but even though it shows the two public NABs on my server the content is actually from my local personal NAB.  Assume that I have an issue with some property.
    If I select a set of names from the list (even though it is the wrong list) I can return it to a MV Edit Box, which then presents two issues, first if I make the edit box read-only the Name Picker Control disappears. I do not want the end user to be able to edit the list directly. In actual fact I would like to make the list Not Visible then format the output in a computed field with new lines between each value, making the target field hidden makes the control hidden as well.
    Maybe I’m approaching the problem from the wrong direction, but ????
    Not sure this would fit in 9 minutes but would really help me, and based on the search results I have had I far from being alone on this one.

  • Gtha

    Hi David:
    Thanks for sharing x-pages tips and tricks. I have learned a lot following your website. I tried X-Pages tabbed table recently and realized that it is not similar to notes client based tabbed table. What i was looking for is like in client tabbed table automatically presents next and previous buttons when there are too many tabs. You can click on next/previous buttons to show next or previous tab. Can this be achieved in dojo or x-pages tabbed tables? I have an x-page with tabbed table and there are about 15 tabs. Since all 15 are showing at the same time, the tabs are spilling into next line making the page look ugly.


  • Bill

    I have looked through the listing of Notes in 9 to see if you have one on this subject but can’t locate it. I have a dataView control and have 3 categorized columns. The first column needs to be computed and so is not associated with a specific column in the bound view. Have tried to enter the formula into the value of the viewCategoryColumn, but it appears that the ColumnName is required field and must be a column in the bound view. I put the forlma into a summaryColumn view property and it computes correctly. So do you have something on a computed viewCayegoryColumn. It seems strange that you can create a summaryColumn that is not bound to a view column but can’t seem to do teh same thing with a viewCategoryColumn. If not I will continue looking.

  • http://twitter.com/DavidLeedy DavidLeedy

    I’ve not tried this myself but it should be doable. If you go to the Extension Library Demo app there’s an example of this on this page: /XPagesExt.nsf/Core_DynamicTabs.xsp

    So I suggest you install that – you should be able to find it on OpenNTF in the Extension Library download. See how that’s done. I suspect it’s not using the XPages core tab control – which kinda sucks – but is using straight dojo.

  • http://twitter.com/DavidLeedy DavidLeedy

    Bill – I’ve not uses DataView myself yet – though I do have some videos from someone coming very very soon. you might want to ask this on StackOverFlow.

  • Bill

    Thanks I posted a question about this issue on StackOverFlow but have not had a response as yet. it really seems strange that in a dataView the Summary can be computed, but the viewCategoryColumn must be bound to an actual column in the bound view. There is a property in the viewCategoryColumn for a computed value but if it has to be bound to a column it does not do much good and it does not matter what is put in the value property anyway. It kind of looks like one of those development inconsistencies where one developer made the columnName required in the viewCategoryColumn another made it optional in the viewSummaryColumn. I would think the underlying code to display the value property would be identical. So it would go something like this is there is a ColumnName display it otherwise display the results of the value property, but if the columnName is required it would never get to the value. and of course I would never make this kind of error in any of my code :-)

  • Mayur Takle


    My Name is Mayur and I have few question related to computed field present on the domino form.

    1. How can we use the hidden fields present on the domino form in xpage form.
    2. I have domino form it has many field on it and I am trying to create a document on submit event from a dialog field. The documents gets created but it has only 2 fields in it. I have bind those two fields to that form. Do I have create all those fields in the dialog control so as to present in the documents. Is there any other way to do this.

  • Bill Fox

    You need to use style=”display:none” rather than the vivible property. The visible property stops the clntrol from being rendered. I create a pa el the apply the style to the panel, the controls are then rendered but not displayed.

  • Visu

    Hi David
    Thanks for all the helping all domino developers. I have learned quite a bit of X-pages following your tutorials. I found a tutorial where you showed how to expand/collapse categories in x-pages view. I tried to implement the same with sections in x-pages, but was unable. I was wondering if you can give me an idea. What I am trying to achieve is to make sure only one section is open at a give time. I have about 6 sections and when I expand one section the other 5 should be collapsed. Can this be done? Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • http://twitter.com/DavidLeedy DavidLeedy

    1. Hidden fields on a notes form should be available to an xpage. Not sure there’s much of a difference but I don’t understand the use case I guess.
    2. I don’t understand this question. If you want to create a document from xpages you need to put on the fields that you want. Whether they are visiable in xpages, hidden in xpages, if you use SSJS to build the fields during the save and in effect not even bind them. The notes form defines the fields… but XPages doesn’t just work on them. There is a way to do a computeWithForm… though I don’t recommend it.
    I’ve not done any shows that focus on dialog box but there should be plenty on creating documents I think. Try that.

    StackOverFLow.com or the “XPages Forum” is a better place to ask questions. Lot more eyes on those places.

  • http://twitter.com/DavidLeedy DavidLeedy

    Visu – thanks for watching. I appreciate the kind words.

    Again I’ll mention that the XPages Forum or StackOverFlow is a better place for questions. In this case since this isn’t too specific then XPages Forum would be better then StackOverFlow.


    I assume you’re talking about hiding / showing content on an xpage rather then collapsing / expanding view type data – like the show I did on the nested repeats.

    If you have 5 sections on a page… you can easily show 1 at a time using the rendered property of panels.. Keep in mind to do this.. use nested panels… outer and inner… you render against the inner… but partial refresh the outer…. that’s just one way… there’s also the dynamic content control… there’s a switch control I guess.. there’s also just “display: none;” in client side javascript / Dojo which actually I’ve been playing with today on a mobile app… hiding 4 different sections… etc…

    So a lot of options to choose from.. I’m sure I talked about rendering outer and inner panels on some early NotesIn9′s… sadly I don’t know which ones…

  • Gout

    Hi David,
    A Big thanks for all the great help you are doing to notes community. I am having some difficulty figuring out Expression Language. Is there a specific book on Expression Language? Also what is the difference between context and facescontext?

  • Chad Smith


    I’m somewhat new to the XPages stuff. As a software developer, I have found your site (along with many others) to be very insightful and helpful when it comes to making my brain into a sponge. I appreciate all the work you have posted here, it is very beneficial to us newbies.

    What I wanted to ask you was regarding MWLUG next month. This will be the first MWLUG that I will attend, and I’m trying to figure out exactly what I need to bring, what sessions I should be going to, etc. I live in the Indianapolis area, so I’m fortunate to have it located in my back yard. Anyway, any advice you could give for a first-time MWLUG attendee would be greatly appreciated. (Hopefully there are more like me out there, because there really isn’t any information/tips anywhere online that I could find.

    Thanks again.

    - Chad

  • DavidLeedy


    Just bring yourself and a great attitude. Go and look to meet people. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be attending only because I’ve done a lot of traveling lately. Maybe that will change at the last minute. Not sure.

    Go to the XPages sessions. Sit in the front. Introduce yourself… Go to the bar in the evening and hang with people… buy someone a drink… find Paul Calhoun and tell him Texas BBQ is “lacking”. Find Mike McGarel and ask about xpages or any State Park as I think he’s been to them all. Discuss Beer with Devin Olson –

    Sign up for twitter if you haven’t yet… follow the speakers of the event to start… when someone says “we’re at the bar” or whatever… stop by if you’re not busy. If you’re going to the conference with someone… ignore them… meet new people… tell them what you’re interested in. Mention “Java” to Jesse Gallagher and then just sit back.. he’ll go on for a while. haha

    The sessions will be good. The people will be better.

  • DavidLeedy


    Hi. Thanks for the kind words. Jesse Gallagher is blogging about Expression language right now. Check out his stuff at: http://frostillic.us/f.nsf/Home.xsp

    Sorry – can’t help with the other question. I’m just not sure. suggest you try stackoverflow.