NotesIn9 98: Using Apache POI to Export from XPages

In this episode Paul Calhoun returns with a great show on exporting XPages Data using the Apache POI project. There’s been some examples of how to export to Excel already on NotesIn9 but this is different. Apache POI is capable of making TRUE Excel binary files where the previous example relied on creating an HTML table for import. If you want to export to Excel or Word, this is the way to do it.

Demo File

This is show 98!!! It’s almost over! Tomorrow I’ll finish the DriveTo99 event with a very special and I think timely show. I’ll always be announcing an award on the show. Please don’t miss tomorrows 99th episode of NotesIn9!

  • Palmi

    Paul did it again ,  He amazing demos are really great and he´s was my teacher in Fort Lauderdale
      in 2002 Using domino with WebSphere. Thanks guys …. its great demo

  • Sasa Brkic

    Excellent, thanks a lot!

  • Venkatesh Ramasamy

    Excellent! I am having trouble getting this to work, all I am getting is a white page.  However, the demo file works just fine. Any idea what could be missing? I do not see any error message as well.