NotesIn9 092: Using the Dojo Enhanced Data Grid in XPages

In this show Paul Calhoun returns with a good one. Paul will demonstrate how to use the Dojo Enhanced Data Grid in your applications. What this does is add a little eye candy and a lot of functionality to your XPages. If you sometimes you need a little more then a static table on a web page from a view or repeat control then the enhanced Data Grid might be just what you’re looking for.

What’s really nice about this video is Paul will show you how to implement this on 8.5.3 and even pre-8.5.3 servers!

I think it’s always worth remembering that even though XPages comes with a lot of core controls, and the Ext. Library/Upgrade Pack add a LOT more to that list, there is much more functionaliy built into the Dojo Framework and that comes pre-installed on every XPage server.

  • Paul

    Can you please also link the download to the sample db that Paul showed.

  • Shibu Mathew

    Could you please provide the sample DB

  • James Bard

    Paul Calhoun’s website ( is down at the time of this post. To help others, here are the puzzle pieces I was missing:

    1. Getting the XML feed to work. There are a couple of great XML XAgent frames out there. Rookie me, I didn’t have my XML tags correct.


    2. The panel to display the grid should be:

    I didn’t make the connection to the ID until I saw it in person. And when others said the dojo elements should be in a div, I didn’t think they were very clear.

  • Alida Gianecchini

    Thanks for the video! Has anyone tried implementing this grid with a categorized view?

  • Alida Gianecchini

    hi James, thanks for the tips. Have you tried implementing the grid for the categorized views?