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NotesIn9: 070 Searching Source Code & Importing from Excel

In this show I’ll demonstrate two things. 1. Using Eclipse to search your source code in a single or multiple databases. 2. Importing Excel Data into Notes with Junction. Junction is a small $5 Notes Client application from Chris Toohey of It lets you easily import your spreadsheets into Notes Applications.

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NotesIn9: 069 Dynamically expanding View Panel Rows

This show marks the 3 year anniversay of NotesIn9. In this show Mark Roden comes back on to talk about using JQuery to dynamically expand view content. Dynamically Expanding xSnippets

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NotesIn9 celebrates 3 years of Free XPages Training

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of NotesIn9. I published my first real video on Repeat Controls way back in 2009 – 6 months after XPages was launched at Lotusphere. Looking back those really seem like the Dark Ages of XPages. Learning was very difficult due to limited resources. We had a couple of great [...]

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