NotesIn9: 064 Global Custom Controls (Fixed)

In this show Tim Tripcony comes back on the show with an amazing demonstration on how to take an existing custom control and make it globally available to all the applications on your server.

I’ve had many conversations with Tim, and he’s so far ahead of the game I’m usually pretty happy if I understand 50% of what he’s trying to say. But in this demo, which is a more advanced topic I was able to really grasp what was going on.

Hope you like the show!

  • mark roden

    Great video – easy to follow – thanks guys :)

  • ferrykranenburg

    I liked the show! Thanks Tim

  • Fredrik

    Great video Tim,
    I think that Nicklas Heidlöf wrote about a wizard converter from Custom Control to plugin
    But I still think installing designer / client addons is a pain. 

  • Thiago Pereira (Brazil)

    Do you know how can I create a computed custom control that change depending the link I click?

  • Patrick Kwinten

    Q: Should I also distribute the update site to a server in case the application is going to reside on a server? if so how should I do this?

  • David Leedy

    Patrick, For dealing with XPages ext. library, you can replicate the updatesite nsf file to any server you want, then as long as all servers are set to use it via the ini file, you should just need to restart http correctly.  I’m not an expert on this but I would think you’d just need an update Site nsf for your custom library and it will work the same way.

  • David Leedy

    I believe there’s something in the Ext. Library for this but I’m not sure.  Suggest you check that out or ask on StackOverFlow.