Learn XPages anywhere now!

I just wanted to point out a really cool thing that Stephan Wissel did.  He blogged today with instructions for easily download all of my NotesIn9 shows to your hard drive.

Here’s his blog post.

So you can already download and use all my shows offline via iTunes which isn’t to difficult to do. But this should allow you to just do a generic “Get All” and load them onto the device of your choice.

I will add that another great way to learn XPages is Matt White’s XPages101.net site. If you like NotesIn9 his stuff is so much better technically. Though I think I try to get a few more jokes in from time to time. :-) And guess what, if you’re a subscriber you can download Matt’s videos as well and take them with you as needed! Score!!

I think NotesIn9 is closing in on 7-8 hours worth of training videos, I’m sure Matt has the same. Hmm.. Wonder if we could fill up an iPad between us. haha

  • Howard

    TLCC’s courses are installed on your local Notes client so you can learn XPages anywhere and anytime!!!  http://www.tlcc.com

  • David Leedy

    Of course.  and good point.  I was just thinking videos due to Stephan’s generous posting on how to download them.  Of course there’s the TLCC course and now 2 and soon to be 3 Books, and Julian Buss’s app, etc.
    Lots of good materials for XPagers on the go.

  • Aecio F. Neto

    You can also use Firefox extension DownloadThemAll and save all mov files at once.