NotesIn9: 043 Domino Designer Tips and Tweaks

In this show I take a brief look at Domino Designer and go over some enhancements that I’ve learned from some true experts, Paul Calhoun and Nathan Freeman.  I’ll show how to check out and improve Designer’s memory usage and even make your XPages XML source code easier to read.
Here is the link to Nathan’s blog post detailing many Designer tweaks.

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  • Dan O’Connor

    Great stuff (as usual David).. The xmx setting is used to set the Maximum heap size (which is the maximum amount of memory the JVM will allow the program to have assigned to it at any time). xms is the minimum heap size. That is the minimum size that will be assigned to the heap when the JVM is started. This size has a significant impact as the jvm will try to keep the heap size as small as possible (within the constraints provided), so if the min heap size is 48mb for instance, the jvm will spend a good deal of time trying to perform garbage in order to not exceed 48mb. Part of chapter 2 of the portable command guide goes into detail on the concepts around this :-)

  • Bruce Elgort

    Well done as usual David!