Announcing 100,000 videos Served!!!

I just wanted to mention that sometime last week NotesIn9 passed 100,000 total video plays/downloads of videos!

Of course that’s not unique users… people watch the same show more then once, but still I think it’s a really good number showing growing interest in XPages technology.

Anyway – I’m very pleased at the interest in my little show. When I started this in the summer of 2009 I never thought it would go this far. And I certainly couldn’t have done it without the awesome help from my growing list of contributors. These people are the true XPages experts and I’m very happy that they’ve come on the show to share their talents and tips.

My most popular show continues to be my original XPages Jumpstart video. A 73 minute session that I originally presented at some user groups. That show is been viewed / download over 8,500 times itself!!

There’s a lot more to come for NotesIn9.

- I’m investigating getting the shows transcribed or maybe even closed captioned/subtitled to help people where english is not their first language.
- I’m desperately trying to do some things to improve my website and consolidate XPages.TV and into NotesIn9 to try and make things easier to find.
- I’ve got some more great contributors coming on soon if all goes well.
- I also have a bunch of my own shows in the queue that I want to try and get to.

So needless to say, NotesIn9 will keep going and hopefully serve up another 100,00 in less time!

I really must thank Chris Miller and his Spiked Studio Productions for supporting NotesIn9 with wordpress hosting and advice. He came to me very early on and gave me some help when I really needed it.

I also want to thank Jeremy Hodge and his ZetaOne company for creating my logos and assistance with other aspects of the show.

And I especially want to thank everyone for watching and for any comments and emails. I really appreciate them!

In celebration of this event there will be some new shows out next week.

  • John

    if only you had a $1 for each one played…

  • SilentDragon

    IBM should reward you for doing “their” job! 

    Great work!

  • Tommy Valand

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  • Chris Blatnick

    You are a rock star!  Nice work, David. 

    Now if you darn kids would just stop going on about this new fangled XPages mumbo jumbo.  In my day…we used navigators and layout regions.  And we liked it!  ;-D

  • Abby Butts

    Congratulations!  Your videos have been very helpful to me and I appreciate your efforts!

  • Mrs_helm

    Awesome! Go get ‘em , David.

  • John Munro

    Great stuff David, think I have contributed about 30 of the 100,ooo.   Totally agree with Silent Dragon’s comment.  Look forward to all the new stuff

  • Mat Newman

    Dave, forget Champion, you ARE a Legend!  Thanks for all of these mate, they are an outstanding resource for the community.  Congratulations on the Milestone.

  • Paul Calhoun

    This is an invaluable assest to the community.  Have never heard anything but positive and glowing remarks on the content !!  Thanks David for all that you do !!!

  • Andy Donaldson

    Congrats on the milestone and a job well done!

  • Paul Hannan

    Dave, I was gonna say rockStar but someone else bet me to it. :-)
    Fantastic work, Dave, it truly is. Keep up the great work. 

  • Niklas Heidloff

    Great news, David. Thanks a lot for all your community work !

  • Manuel Ruiz


    I really appreciatte your videos and info about XPages.

    It helps a lot.

    Thank you very much and well done ¡


  • Bruce Elgort

    David – thank you for producing NotesIn9. It truly is a gem for the development community. Congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone.

  • IdoNotes

    Congrats on such a huge milestone.

     I am happy I could offer any assistance at all in getting things organized.  Everyone should be on the lookout for some more changes he has planned!  Exciting stuff indeed.

    Now where is that invoice I meant to send.. :-)

  • Mike McGarel

    You are a “gold” member in the yellow bubble, always leading by example.

  • John Jardin

    David. Thank you very much for this Video Series. It has really helped me out a lot, especially on the Java Front.

    I’m sure it’s all downhill from here, and that you’ll see another 100k views in no time. I look forward to continue been part of the show :)

  • Michael Schlömp

    Congratulations. Really enjoyed every video from NotesIn9. Always very helpful. Looking forward for your next video.

  • mark hughes

    Great Job!! Look forward to more shows!

  • Philippe Riand

    Congratulations for you hard work David! This had been, and will continue to be, a key value to the community.

  • Bill Malchisky Jr.

    Congratulations, David! Keep up the great work. I remember our conversation in 2009 at IamLUG when you were talking about expanding NotesIn9 and your vision. Glad you are realizing your success therein; very happy for you. Even better to achieve success and know that your peers appreciate your effort, while valuing your product.

  • David Leedy

    Thanks for all the comments everyone.  Means a lot and I really appreciate it!!