NotesIn9: 042 XPages and Application Layout Control

In this episode Steve Pridemore, a new contributor, comes on the show to demonstation some cool techniques for using the new application layout control available in Domino 8.5.3 with the Extension Library.

UPDATE: Here’s the Demo file for the episode.
THIS HAS BEEN FIXED. Sorry about that.

UPDATE 2: Steve also used the Fake Names database for data. That can be found at

  • Steve Pridemore

    Thanks for letting me do a show.  It was my first screen cast but I hope not my last.

    by the way the script library was by Jeremy Hodge

    If you like I can also send you a copy of the database

  • Martin Perrie

    Just started looking at the Application Layout control over the last couple of days, so this was a very timely episode. Thanks,  Steve and thanks Dave!

  • Abby Butts

    Thanks Steve!  I haven’t been using the Placebar for actions and custom properties but I think that’s going to change.  

  • Shean McManus

    What version of the extension library was used for this demo?  Is the 8.5.3 upgrade pack sufficient to use that latest version of the application layout control?

  • Stephen Pridemore

    it was done with the openNTF version  but it should work with upgrade Pack 1 as well

  • A a

    btw: the Ms. Kehoe’s first name is “Maire” not “Marie”

  • Mark Roden

    I just discovered that if you do NOT select “allow multiple options” in the custom control then the compositeData.placeBarActions.length causes an error – should watch the video more carefully.

    thanks Steve :)