NotesIn9 041: XPages, Designer – SOURCE CONTROL!!

In this show I talk about what Source Control is, more importantly why even as a solo Domino Developer that you would want to use it, and I go into a hopefully fairly detailed demo on how to install it into Designer and how to use it.

I must be clear here that everything I know about this I learned from Declan Lynch. Check out his blog at He is the true expert. Hopefully he’ll be able to contribute his Lotusphere session to NotesIn9. :-)

Personally I can’t emphasize enough that we as Notes/Domino developers, whether you’re using XPages or not, start understanding and using Source Control.

  • John Jardin

    Hi David. I couldn’t agree more. This Video could not have been posted faster. I will be using Source Control for  ourselves and one of our clients within the next few weeks.

    I look very forward to watching this.
    Thanks and well done.

    John Jardin

  • Lotus Notes Anon

    You made a typo in the title. It’s SAUCE CONTROL, SOUCE CONTROL. Any good chef can tell you that!

  • Lotus Notes Anon

    You made a typo in the title. It’s SAUCE CONTROL, not SOUCE CONTROL. Any good chef can tell you that!

  • Niklas Heidloff

    Great show. Thanks a lot David.

    I’d love to see a video about eGit since Github is so popular these days.

  • Dan O’Connor

    Nice work David (as usual! :-) ).. I think it would be worth digging a little into what happens when you get a sync conflict as this will be disconcerting for first time users, and will happen sooner or later, but it is par for the course when using source control. A conflict will typically happen when two users modify the same element, so I am editing FormA on my local copy of the code and you also edit FormA in your copy, but you deliver the change to the source control server. I sync with the source control server, at this point I will normally get a sync conflict error because the version under source control is newer than my version, but my version has been modified. I think this is worth going into as new users could be panicked by this, but it is something that can be ‘recovered’ from.
    Great starting point!

  • Dmytro Pastovenskyi

    the interesting issue appeared after I tried this plugin. Few elements disappeared in Lotus Designer: Framesets, Pages, Outline, Webservices and few more.
    I tried to uninstall plugin but it did not resolve my issue so now.

    Could it be linked to plugin somehow? maybe u have an idea… Thanks!

    // Dmytro

  • NotesQuestion

    Thank you for another great post.  I tried following instructions using a machine with 8.5.3 designer but the updates only show 18 items instead of 20.  Basically all items execpt MercurialEclipse 1.6.0 and Windows Binaries for Mercurial 1.4.3.   I installed version 1.7.0 and Windows Binaries 1.6.4 and it seems to work except after setting up the repository location the “associated with tmp_cheatsheet.nsf” folder in the package explorer does not appear.  Has anyone else run into this or have any suggestions?

  • DavidLeedy

    Well you’re using a version that is different then what I demo’d and know to work so you have to be careful.  I did have a lot of problems trying to clone an existing repository.  Not 100% sure what the issue was.  I suggest you don’t try and clone the xpagescheatsheet one as there might be access issue.  I suggest you start your own from scratch and add that to a server and see how that works from there.

  • John Jardin

    Hi David. I finally watched the entire video. Well done. I will be working on Source Control next week. One of the requirements is a rollback feature. Is this supported with Mercurial?


  • Lukasz Kurek

    Hi David. Thank you this great video. I’m only wondering how do you check your change before sending them do Mercurial if you a local copy of database? Can you do it without a Domino server ?

  • Alx

    Hello David! Sorry!. I must say  is better if I ask you in your site  instead of youtube.  I can include images here!  ok, so here my question again :-)  so, I have been trying with source control using both BitNami VM and Bitbucket, but I’m stuck with one situation (on both): when I try to push the changes to a repository,I do see anything in the “Outgoing changesets” lists. However In the Domino designer The tab “history” shows the changesets.  I’m using Lotus Domino 8.5.3 and MercurialEclipse 1.6.0 / Windows Binaries for Mercurial 1.4.3. I’m pretty lost here…  any Ideas?  help! :-(

    Thank you!

  • David Leedy

    Wow.  I’m not sure.  I’ve never had that happen to me.  Looks like you definately commited them which is what I thought the initial problem might be.  I’ve done 2 vidoes on source control I think.  Suggest you re-watch them just to see if you’re verring off a step.  If that doesn’t help then suggest you post over on stackoverflow with the tag xpages.  I think there’s also a setting on the initial repository setup page where you can “force push”.  You might want to try that the first time see if that makes a difference.

  • Alx

    Hello David! 

    Some news, at last I was able to make it work.. partially. I mean, it seems the problem I have mentioned is when I try to push  or rollback my changes using the Domino Designer.  if I work thru a command prompt, ( I mean working in the  project folder and performing  hg commands, it works. I even  can do rollbacks thru the Command prompt, and after that, perform a refresh in the designer to see the changes. The hardest part is when  Mercurial wants you to perform a merge, (because almost nothing is human readable – forms, agents, and so on..), but with a good description of the changes, I think it can be solved :-) . In order to investigate, I have created a small Sandbox using a virtual Server with Windows 2008 R2 64 bits and Bitnami Redmine, and to populate several projects , I’m using hg serve. is not really complicated, but I must say it has his tricks, so it took some hours, but It was fun. (of course if you are interested, I can write you the details)

  • Alx

    Replying to myself, now is working as it should. the problem was not anything LD-Related. A reinstallation of TortoiseHg in my Laptop has solved the issue.

  • DavidLeedy

    Glad you got it working.  I was really interested in running my own redmine from bitnami as we have that at work, but just didn’t have the time to put into it.  So I’ll stick to since its free.. though I do prefer redmine. 

  • Iona

    I have been having problems with searching for Mercurial, ie the link. I got an error saying operations completed with partial success, no acceptable features were found. I am using domino 9.0. Any ideas on why I am getting this error?