Coming to Lotusphere. A New XPages CheatSheet!

I’m very happy to announce that after the amazing success of last years XPages Cheatsheet, there will be a brand new CheatSheet for this year!

This year’s sheet is titled “XPages: Social Tools” and is intended to be a starting point on how to connect your XPages Apps to Social Services like LotusLive, DropBox, Twitter, FaceBook, IBM Connections, IBM SameTime and the IBM Social Business Toolkit.

This document would not have been possible without the effort of IBMers Dan O’Connor, Niklas Heildoff and Phil Riand. They literally pulled togerther all the content and “all” I had to do was the formatting. I really hope this proves helpful to people who want to integrate their apps with these social services.

I have learned that the original XPages Cheatsheet will return for Lotusphere. I did send IBM a new version with a couple of VERY MINOR updates that people had sent to me. So even if you have the old one feel free to pick the new one up to get those changes. But again 99% of it is the same.

I assume that both cheatsheets will be available at the Lotus Technical Information booth. They might make it into the back of some of the sessions again. I’m not speaking this year so I’m not really certain about that. They might end up in the Labs also since they were last year.

On or after Lotusphere I’ll be adding the “XPages: Social Tools” sheet to, which is the website that I use to host the downloadable versions as well as the Demo database that I use for most of the videos. So you will be able to get it even if you don’t attend the conference.

I hope everyone likes them. If you’re coming to Lotusphere safe travels and I hope to see you!

  • Dan O’Connor

    Great work David. From what I know the cheat sheet will be available in the booth, in the lab, and also at some of the sessions!

  • Fr-sjo

    Excellent David! We have used your cheat sheet a lot at my work. We appreciate your work a lot

  • Niklas Heidloff

    Thanks a lot Mr XPages Cheat Sheet

  • Peter Hanson

    What is the future of Lotus Notes?

  • David Leedy

    I can only give an opinion on the future of Notes. I think the XPages app development model is continuing to grow. I believe there are significant advantages over competitors – though I admit I don’t know a lot about some of the competitors. There are future upgrade packs and new versions on the horizon. They announced Lotus / Domino “Social Edition” coming. There’s even a browser plugin coming to bring old client based apps to the web. Though all new dev should move to XPages as as soon as possible.

    I think the future of XPages on the domino server is very strong.