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Sometimes IBM just Rocks!

I just wanted to take a minute to say how absolutely impressed I am with IBM about a couple of things. First, and this was covered in detail on The XCast podcast, but they really did a great job of responding to the community regarding the XPages forum. We asked… ok for some of us, [...]

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Please help someone NEW to Lotus Notes and XPages Dev that wants to use it MORE.

I got this in my email, but as much as I like, I can’t really advice this person as I myself don’t know that much about integrating XPages and a relational database, which I assume Postgres is. So I thought I’d through this out to see of anyone had any thoughts on this. =============== Dear [...]

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NotesIn9 025: Selecting Documents from a Repeat Control

When you use a view control there is a simple action for working with selected documents. In SSJS there is a method, getSelectedIDs (or something like that), that let’s you get a handle on any selected documents. However neither of these solutions exist for documents inside a Repeat Control. In this show l will demonstrate [...]

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