NotesIn9: 23 – The Great XPages Race

This is a special show that I started last night to basically respond to a couple of blog posts from Jake Howlett at

Post 1
Post 2

I believe that XPages is RAD. I pretty much did the building in 3:45 give or take a second or two. It might be interesting to spend another 5 minutes to add things like security, validation and mobile controls to make it truly production ready.

I know there’s some problems getting to my videos. The direct download link is here:

I have this on YouTube as well here:
YouTube Video

Again – this is just an all in fun kinda thing. There are pros and cons to any platform.

  • Toby Samples

    David, Awesome Video, Xpages, Just like Classic Notes definitely has some of the fastest RAD capabilities, however now that we have a true Java implementation it can compete with any other platform as far as flexibility goes, amazing framework!

  • Palmi Lord

    Well I just think that you justs made Jake eat his hat. With domino easy deployment and cost – CAN ‘T beat it

  • Bruce Elgort


  • Kevin Pettitt

    David, love it! Of course, in both cases you have to factor in the time it takes to set up your design client, and perhaps even stand up the overall server environment. I’d also love to see videos showing things like configuring access controls, showing/hiding elements (e.g. edit buttons) based on access level, defining field formatting or validation (e.g. phone number), batch processing of selected documents/records (e.g. setting a status field)…many other little things that I’d be curious to compare between the two platforms.

  • Dan Soares

    Excellent demo David and like you said, it would be interesting to see how the two platforms compare wrt setting up security, deploying it etc…

    Dan Soares

  • Ben

    Nonsense. Domino’s great, but of course it can be equalled or beaten.

  • Giulio Campobassi

    Great demo. Looks like sport to me. Could have it on MTV as “Xtreme Programming”. Different technologies battle it out for the title of “coolest” or “fastest” and a “gnarly award”.

    Just need some dude with too much gel in his hair to host it, and have it at a place where most people in the audience have some kind of facial piercings and/or a hair cut done by Stevie Wonder. “Wooting” required.

  • Ryan Baxter

    Great post David.

    Just an FYI, I think MvcScaffolding for is actually a technique taken from Ruby on Rails. (RoR just calls it scaffolding.) It helps with enforcing the MVC (model view controller) pattern and you basically just tell the scaffolding framework what fields you want for your model, ie person in your demo, and it will create the code for the view and controller, including all the database tables you need. It gets you up and running very quickly because with languages like RoR and you would need to write a ton of code even to get basic CRUD operations. However as you just proved with XPages you don’t need to write any code, its all just drag and drop basically :)

  • Peter Presnell

    Awesome effort David. I love that approach!

  • Craig Davies

    Absolutely sensational demo of the simplicity of Xpages.

  • Scott Good

    Awesome, Dave!