“NotesIn9 Live” will be Speed Geeking at Lotusphere

If’ you’re going to Lotusphere one event that shouldn’t be missed is SpeedGeeking on Tuesday night.

What’s SpeedGeeking?  It’s this big room with 12 tables. Each table has 1 presenter.  A host takes the crowd and divides them up between the tables.  Usually by birth month I THINK.

Each presentation is 5 minutes. NO MORE!  The presenters repeat themselves 12 times as everybody goes around to each table.

DRINKING is involved typically.  :-) It’s a lot of fun and shouldn’t be missed. There’s a host with a microphone so it’s loud and there’s a lot of energy in the room.

Let year I did a presentation on using BluePrint with XPages.  I created a slightly slower version in Episode 11 of NotesIn9.

I thought it was lame to repeat that so I’m going to come with something different this year.  Here’s my abstract:

XPages: The Red Pill

XPages can’t be explained.  It must be seen to be appreciated.  Free your mind of all the rules Client development imposed on you and embrace the power that is XPages.  While Agents do exist in XPages we’ll spend our time looking at Data Binding, Rendering and Repeat Controls.

Hope to see everybody there!