NotesIn9- Extended Edition: Introduction to XPages

This is a screencast of the Introduction to XPages Session that I presented at MWLug.  It runs a little over an hour.  The first half is mostly slides and discussion on what XPages is.  The second half is all demo of using XPages inside Domino Designer.

This is a pure intro session and I assume you are a Notes developer but really have no knowledge of XPages.

UPDATE: I’m having technical problems with this post. I’m attempting to fix it.

UPDATE2: I’ve corrected the file on the website. Not sure if it’ll make it to iTunes. I’ll check tomorrow.

UPDATE3: iTunes seems to be working fine. Additionally here’s a link to download the file that I was playing with.
Demo Application

  • Patrick Picard

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  • Wayne Maclirdy

    David: THANK YOU!!! i have been playing around with XPages for several months, and longing for an overview. This was great! Beginning with the architecture was extremely helpful.

    BTW – I am going to XPages Bootcamp in November, but I want ot be as far along as possible before I get there so that I can maximize the time in class. This really helped!!!

  • Eliane Moeller

    I love it! Great job!!! That was exactly what i was searching for!

  • Pecteuw

    Thank you so much! As a LotusScript developer with limited JavaScript skills this is a perfect introduction into XPages, and reversed my resistance into great excitement!

  • Nikko

    Very very good and didactic… I have been afraid by the code, but you have shown it so easy!!…. I have to tray