NotesIn9 151: Bootstrap ProgressBars in XPages

In this show I demonstrate how to build some XPages custom controls to make a Bootstrap ProgressBar and stacked ProgressBar.

I also mention Daniel Friedrich’s blog at  I highly recommend you check that out.




Shockingly I just did some cool CSS!

Let’s face it…  I suck at CSS…  You know it.  I know it.  My dog knows it.  However with the magic that is StackOverFlow I just did some useful CSS that I wanted to share. In an app I wanted to have 3 buttons in a row.  Since this is an iPad app I wanted [...]

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NotesIn9 150: Announcing fileVault for XPages

This is a different show today.  I’m going to be speaking at MWLug at the end of August.  In this show I’m going to do a little demo of what I intended to present at MWLug.  I’m not going to tell you HOW to do it yet, you’ll need to come to see that.  Or [...]

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NotesIn9 149: Database Resources and Design Definition

In this show IBM Champion and everyone’s second favorite Doctor returns to NotesIn9.  That’s right, Dr. Marky Roden is in the house with a GREAT tip on ways to speed up Domino Designer by using Design Definition to better control your database resources. We last saw the good Doctor back on September 13th, 2012, Episode [...]

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NotesIn9 148: Getting XPages to talk to your phone

Today we get another great contributor in the form of Oliver Busse. His website is  He’s going to do a really neat demo of how to intergrate XPages with to send messages to a phone that has the PushOver App installed. I think that it’s always nice to see how to mix XPages [...]

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NotesIn9 Celebrates 5 years of ScreenCasting and ALMOST 150 Episodes

On July 11, 2009 I uploaded the first ever NotesIn9 to YouTube.  The topic was this brand new concept in XPages called “Repeat Controls”. 5 years and 260,000ish downloads later and with the help if MANY people I’ve published 147 episodes so far and WILL hit 150 this week, and maybe even more. Not too [...]

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NotesIn9 147: Using dGrowl with XPages

In this show Brad Balassaitis returns to Ni9 to give us some great instruction on how to start using the “dGrowl” project with our XPages applications.  This is a tool that lets you popup messages back to the user. It’s a somewhat common effect and I really really like it.  Actually before I got this [...]

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NotesIn9 146: Going Mobile with Bootstrap

In this show, we get another great new contributor joining the NotesIn9 family.  Please welcome Shean P McManus to the show. His blog is:  I’m really excited to get Shean on as he gives us a great demo on using Bootstrap for an XPages mobile focused application. Shean manually added Bootstrap to his application. [...]

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NotesIn9 145: Simple Feedback in XPages

This is the last show I have from Tim Tripcony.  This is probably the simpliest demo he’s done for Ni9 but no less important.  It’s a demo of a way to return a message to a user based on an action. Tim actually gave me this demo maybe a year ago and I just totally [...]

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A conversation with my Son

When I did the Java vs. JavaScript throw down I included my son in the video for comedic effect. He got a good response so I thought I’d give you a snippet of a conversation from this weekend. Me: “Tell the girls we are having popcorn and ice cream for dinner” Matt: “that is the [...]

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